A songwriter, producer, beat maker, entrepreneur and visionary: meet Glishy, a Ghana-born, Italian-raised recording artist whose music is defined by its African origins, filtered through a continental consciousness and baptized with a vibrant hip-hop authenticity.

With the release of his new single, “This is My Life,” Glishy strikes a resounding chord with his philosophical view of ambition and incentive. The single – with an elegant piano hook and lush orchestration surrounding Glishy’s impassioned rhymes – is illustrated by a riveting video as a varied cast of characters defy the odds and elevate their lives.

Motivation is Glishy’s fundamental principle. As a young teenager from Ghana inspired by the hip-hop music sound, he first began crafting beats on a pair of cassette decks. Graduating to the computer, he began posting on Soundclick, a website for upcoming producers, where his stellar beats became a valuable commodity for a roster of rising hip-hop artists in the United States.

Glishy directs his energies into what is essential for his career as an artist. When he required beats, he learned to produce them. When he needed a website, he learned to build one. A mix tape? Glishy designed the cover. Promotion? He founded, which is now a destination for over 1,000,000 visitors per month.

The creator of for the distribution of beats and as CEO of, Glishy has linked with a diverse roster of artists including DJ Drama, Hussein Fatal (of 2Pac’s Outlawz), Flo Rida, Sheek Louch, Brisco, Killa Priest (Wu Tang Clan), Big Lou, DoItAll (Lords of The Underground) and Sha Stimuli. For his single “This is My Life,” and the follow up “My Lady,” he traveled to New York to record in the famed Platinum Sound Studio, a sonic home to everyone from Pitbull to Janet Jackson.

There is a line from “This is My Life,” that appears onscreen as an epilogue to the video, it is a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt that says, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of a dream.” With three new videos slated for 2013, sound and vision meet the liberating power of self-determination. The future belongs to Glishy.

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"Best Of You Ft. Masspike Miles"

Digital Single

Release date: Aug 1st, 2013


Digital Single

Release date: Jul 31st, 2013